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Real success stories from our own members

Picture on the left is when I was brand new to Crossfit and picture on the right was taken a couple weeks ago at my second competition. These pictures are 2 years difference of putting in work.. hard work. I used to have no muscle tone in my arms, shoulders or legs! Seeing transformations like this makes me SO happy with my progress. People today want instant results and get hard on ourselves when they don’t see quick change. Fitness is a journey people! It takes healthy eating and dedication in the gym. Please don’t get down on yourselfs for not seeing the results you want in MONTHS.. it’s not realistic. No, I don’t have the flattest stomach or the most defined abdominals but I’ve worked hard for the body I have today!


The photo on the left was from April 2012 when I first decided to start getting healthy. That event was a catalyst bc I realized I was going to be walking a red carpet at a fashion event and I felt so self-conscious. The photo on the right is from today, 4.5 years into my physical fitness journey. Nothing worth having is easy. Not even a little bit. But everything worth having is worth the effort, dedication, and consistency. You need a day one to have year 5. Be brave. Work hard. Know you’re worth it. The body you have is the only vessel you have to experience your life.  


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