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Our Coaches

Chelsye Quinn

I grew up in Plymouth, in sports fueled family with two competitive older brothers pushed me from a young age to always be the best. This drive fueled me to beg my parents to drive me to the gym  and compete on the soccer field at the varsity level.  After college, when I received my associates degree in business and a licensed dental assistant, I began to look for that same drive that fueled me when I was younger and took a chance on CrossFit.  What I expected when I joined CrossFit was to get in better physical shape.  Those first few months were some of the most intense hardest workouts of my entire life. However, within four months I came in first place in my very first competition.  I was in peak physical shape, and what I failed to realize was how much it changed my mental shape. When I joined I did not realize the community this sport builds and continues to build.  I have made lifelong friendships inside these doors and those people don’t just push me to be a better athlete, they push me to be a better person.  As a coach, I will make sure that anyone who walks through that door grows not only physically, but mentally.   This gym builds bodies, molds minds, and strengthens spirits.
Credentials: CF L1 certified

Kait Mendall

Kait started CrossFitting in 2011 and found her ‘forever’ home at Baystate CrossFit in 2012. She earned her CF Level 1 Trainer Certificate and began coaching in 2013. She has since attended the CrossFit Powerlifting Seminar and advanced to a CF Level 2 Trainer.

Kait is a competitive 57kg/63kg powerlifter competing at the National and International level in the USAPL and IPF. She is currently the USAPL 57kg Raw and 63kg Equipped Bench Press National Champion and is nationally ranked 9th by full power total in the 57kg weight class. She loves sharing her love for strength and lifting heavy with BayState members in her Powerlifting class offered 3 times per week. Outside of the gym, Kait is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst working with children on the Autism spectrum, fur mom to her dog Cedar and life mate to the very handsome, strong and bearded Jon Penning.


Credentials: CrossFit Level 2 coach

James Giles

Although powerlifting started as a way of keeping James out of trouble in his teenage years, his relationship to the sport quickly flourished into what has become a lifelong passion. In 2012, after several recommendations from friends over a short period of time, James was compelled to try out CrossFit. He began at BayState CrossFit with Tim and completed his first WOD (the filthy fifty), after which he remembered thinking, “That just kicked my ass!” Immediately, he was hooked. 


By 2013, after a year of CrossFit, James had begun expanding his knowledge and earned his CF-L1. The next hurdle, however, was far more daunting—coaching. With an incredible fear of public speaking, James struggled to imagine himself as the leader of a class. It was by far his greatest challenge since first being introduced to CrossFit. Encouraged by the strong CrossFit community and the mental fortitude that the sport builds—two things James cites as his favorite aspects of CrossFit—he worked hard to overcome his fear and joined the staff at BayState CrossFit.

He is extremely grateful for the opportunity to become an owner at BayState CrossFit and looks looking forward to helping people make positive changes in their lives one WOD at a time.

Outside the gym, James can be found operating heavy equipment, listening to podcasts, and spending time with Amanda and their children. 


Credentials: CF-L2, CF-Gymnastics, USA Olympic Weightlifting Course 1 & 2

Julie Brewster

Julie grew up doing competitive gymnastics then raced on the high school cross country & track teams breaking many school records.  As an adult after having children she craved some type of sport that motivated her and gave her that competitive edge.  When a friend told her to try Crossfit, she knew nothing about it and tried her first class at BayState in 2014.  Welcomed with open arms and motivated to give it her best every time she walked in the doors, she fell in love with the sport. The sport changed her physically and mentally in the most positive ways. Once proficient in the basics her desire to help others feel good about themselves inside and out motivated her to go on to received her CF L1 . She continues to further her education in the sport so she can instruct children and master other specific areas of CrossFit.  Julie and has been helping others through coaching since 2016. When she is not inside the gym, she is busy raising her three children and running her event planning business.

Credentials: CrossFit Level 1 coach

Kate Abbatangelo

Kate grew up in Abington where her life revolved around athletics. Most week nights and every weekend, Kate could be found playing on a sports field somewhere on the South Shore. Kate’s love for the game of soccer brought her many high school accolades and the chance to play in college.  In college, Kate majored in Exercise Science where she was able to put an education behind her love for exercise, movement and sports. 

After college, Kate continued her love for sports and soccer by becoming a high school soccer coach. Over the past 13 years, Kate has coached 13 years of high school soccer, five years of high school lacrosse, one year of high school basketball, four years of college soccer at Emerson College and eight years of club soccer. Kate still plays soccer in co-ed and women’s recreational leagues 

In January of 2017, Kate began her CrossFit journey as an athlete BayState. Immediately welcome to the family, Kate felt at home every time she entered the box. Quickly her love for the sport of CrossFit became a passion and she knew she needed to share her love of the sport with others. In August 2018, Kate obtained her CF-L1 course and started coaching in January 2019. 

When she is not coaching or attending classes at Baystate, Kate is teaching high school health and physical education. In this venue, Kate is able to offer her students CrossFit during and after the school day. In June of 2019, with Kate’s determination to give her students the best education she can and the help of the school’s administration, Abington High School’s fitness center officially became Green Wave CrossFit; Abington High School is an official affiliate of CrossFit. Students at Abington can take CrossFit as a physical education elective. 

Kate looks forward to continuing her CrossFit education by attending some CrossFit specialty courses as well as studying to become a certified indoor row instructor. 

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